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  • The award-winning software solution to integrate advisors, wealth managers and clients

     Win Clients

    Integrated Wealth Planning, Illustrations Generator, Scenario Analysis, Proposal Writer 

    Grow Clients

    Sophisticated Reporting, Professional Asset Management Services, Alerts 

    Keep Clients

    Integrated CRM, Client Portal, Automated Admin Functions
  • The A-Z solution to cover all your needs.

    Integrated solution which covers the full range of your requirements:
    • Investment Explorer
    • Consolidated Reporting
    • Portfolio Management
    • Client Portal
    • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Business Processes and Workflows
    • Client fees and Commissioning
    • Wealth Planning
    • Illustrations / Investment Proposals
    • Security

  • Investment Explorer

    The Investment Explorer allows you to easily discover, track and compare different investment opportunities: Funds, Stocks, Bonds, Options/Warrants and Structured Products.

    Consolidated Reporting

    Privé Managers collects data from insurance companies, discount brokerages, fund platforms and private banks - allowing you to generate consolidated, own-branded, reporting on all of your clients assets.
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    Portfolio Management

    Link clients accounts to Model Portfolios or investment ideas, rebalance them efficiently and automatically calculate any fees due. 
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    Client Portal

    Give clients access to your branded portal or App, let them view their portfolios, communicate with their advisor, upload documents to a secure storage area and evaluate your investment recommendations. 


    Track client and prospects interaction via built-in notes, eMail magnets and document storage. Alternatively, allow Privé Managers to interface with your existing CRM solution.
    Use the Alert functionality to stay one step ahead of your clients. Receive warnings on asset or portfolio moves, expirations, allocation deviations, overdrafts and even client birthdays.
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    Business Processes and Workflows

    As business and regulations become more complex, it pays to have defined processes in place. Let Prive Managers give you the tools to streamline, control and monitor your business - and to retain a full audit log. 

    Client fees and Commissioning

    Track and report client fees, trail fees, advisor commissions and reconcile them in a company view. 
    Supports various fee types and commission structures. 

    Wealth Planning

    Goal-based wealth-planning via a graphical interface which shows a time-line of events and goals, plots the required glide-path and analyses any shortfall. 
    All fully integrated, so can also be used for regular reviews to track progress against your clients goals.

    Illustrations / Investment Proposals

    Tailored investment proposals / illustrations within seconds, fully integrated with the CRM. 
    Supports variable return and fixed rate investments, regular rebalancing, dollar cost averaging, backtesting of funds net of variable account charges.


    Data security is paramount. With encrypted communications, data-centre redundancy, restricted access and 2-factor authentication for your employees and clients, Privé Managers is at the forefront of data and access security.

  • Bionic Advisory

    Taking the advisory solution one step beyond the automated solutions offered by Robo-Advisors, Privé Managers offers the tools to combine the benefits of technology with the essential human qualities of judgement and empathy.


    Robo-generated models can be further customized based on client preferences, and a built-in optimizer creates the bespoke efficient frontier on the fly - thus giving you the option of fine-tuning your service levels - offering pure Robo-Advisory to some clients - and Bionic to others.


    Welcome to the world of Bionic Advisory.

  • Efficiently provide asset management to your clients. 

    With one integrated system providing Account Reporting, Portfolio Management tools and Execution capabilities - you can easily manage and administer thousands of clients who subscribe to professional portfolio management skills - be it via Model Portfolios or Virtual Funds.   

  • Model Portfolios

    As an additional service for your clients, you can link them to in-house or third-party model portfolios - with the potential for additional revenue for your firm. With just a few clicks, models can be rebalanced, a bespoke approval mechanism followed and the execution instructions generated for thousands of clients. 

    Virtual Funds

    Virtual Funds, or vFunds, provide your clients with easy to understand investment ideas - whether they be thematic or quantitative. The clients portfolio not only shows as a list of securities, but also as a collection of the ideas and themes which they invested in - each with its own fact-sheet and history. 
    vFunds provide an easy way to monetize research, and gives you the ability to launch topical themes without the costs and delays of launching new funds. 

    Genetic Optimizer

    Privé Managers utilizes a genetic optimizer. This allows to create truly tailor-made portfolios for each client within seconds, utilizing a behavioral finance approach to risk appetite, life goals and other preferences.

    Privé Managers also offers a genetic optimizer, thus allowing the rapid creation of truly tailor-made portfolios for each client - with the potential to also include inputs such as risk profiling, life goals and other client preferences.

  • Accessible

    Advisors, staff and clients can access Privé Managers from anywhere via a web browser or the tablet apps. Both can be white-labeled with your company logo, colours and fonts - to ensure a smooth branding experience for your clients.
    Privé Managers can also easily integrate with your existing systems landscape via its comprehensive API.

  • A demo is worth a thousand words!

    Let us show you how we have already helped thousands of clients. 

  • Client Segments

    We are proud to count many Independent Financial Advisors (IFA), External Asset Managers (EAM), Banks and Insurance Companies as our clients.

    Independents & Family Offices

    Banks & Insurers

    Asset Managers

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