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Privé agrees to form joint venture to establish securities company in China

Privé, an industry-recognized leader of FinTech solutions for wealth and asset management, is proud to announce that it has entered into a joint venture agreement with Hanhua Financial Holding (Hong Kong Stock Code: 3903) (“Hanhua”), as the lead promoter, Jiangbeizui Group, Kingsway Financial and Chongqing Huiwei (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hanhua) in relation to the establishment of a securities company in the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”). Pursuant to the agreement, the parties intend to establish this company in Chongqing, China.

The securities company will be established pursuant to the laws of the PRC and regulated by the Chinese Securities Regulatory Committee (the “CSRC”), as well as such other relevant laws, regulations and regulatory documents. The proposed business scope of the company shall include asset management, securities brokerage, underwriting and sponsorship in securities, proprietary trading and other business approved by the CSRC. The establishment of the securities company is subject to, among other things, the approval by the CSRC, the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant regulatory authorities in the PRC.

In connection with the joint venture, not only will Privé participate as a shareholder in the securities company, but it also intends to leverage its award-winning Privé Managers platform for global wealth and asset managers and supply the digital infrastructure, artificial intelligence-based bionic advisory, as well as services and products to facilitate multi-language and multi-currency cross border asset management for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises and other retail customers to fulfill their diversified financing and business needs. Privé believes that its advanced mobile technology will equip the securities company with the competitive edge to compete in the tech-savvy environment in China.

Charles Wong, CEO of Privé, commented, “We are extremely delighted to have a launchpad into China and to be able to offer a variety of digitized wealth and asset management services and products through our technology platform. This is an exciting time to enter China’s e-wealth management market through this agreement with our joint venture partners, given that the market size of China’s internet finance sector has exceeded RMB12 trillion in 2015. We believe our unique platform will thrive as Chinese consumers will continue to seek higher investment returns resulting from the opening up of China’s capital and financial markets.”

Privé, a financial technology holding company, is headquartered in Hong Kong. It focuses on offering a variety of financial services on its wealth and asset management platform and software system. Through its subsidiary, it is permitted to carry on Type 1 (dealing in securities) regulated activities under the SFO. It also offers a modular solution, Privé Managers, for the wealth and asset management industry and comprises five state-of-the-art modules powered by its bionic advisory engine, which are wealth planning, risk profiling, investment exploration, algorithmic optimization and personal reporting. Privé serves a range of wealth management clients across Asia and Europe, including global banks, insurance companies, private banks, external asset managers, multi-family offices and independent financial advisors by offering a wide range of connectivity options to custodial and distribution platforms. To learn more about Privé Managers please visit us on or

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This press release is for information purposes only.
Some of the statements in this press release may be forward-looking statements or statements of future expectations based on currently available information. Such statements are naturally subject to risks and uncertainties. Factors such as the development of general economic conditions, future market conditions, unusual catastrophic loss events, changes in the capital markets and other circumstances may cause the actual events or results to be materially different from those anticipated by such statements. Privé does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or updated status of such statements. Therefore, in no case whatsoever will Privé and its affiliate companies be liable to anyone for any decision made or action taken in conjunction with the information and/or statements in this press release or for any related damages.
Privé assumes no obligation to update any information contained herein.




Privé不仅将作为证券公司的股东,更将使用其针对全球财富及资产管并屡获殊荣的Privé managers 财富管理平台,提供数位基础平台、人工智慧为基础的智能理财以及为了提升针对中小型及微型企业和其他零售客户多元化融资和商务需求的多元语言、多种币别的跨境资产管理服务及产品。 Privé相信,其先进的智慧型装置软体技术将使合资证券公司在中国目前以科技发展竞争为主的环境中具有优势。


Privé是一家数位金融科技控股公司,总部设立于香港。它专注于为财富和资产管理提供各种金融科技的创新服务。通过其附属公司,可以根据证券及期货条例进行第1类(证券交易)受规范之相关商业活动。此外,还为财富和资产管理行业提供了一套模组化的解决方案平台PrivéManagers,包括由人工智慧引擎提供的五个最先进的模组- 财富规划、风险分析、投资商品搜索器,演算法最佳化以及整合式视觉报告。 Privé透过为金融商品提供者提供多种连接选项,为亚洲和欧洲的财富管理客户提供服务,包括跨国银行、保险公司、私人银行、资产管理公司、家族办公室和独立财务顾问。
如欲了解更多关于我们的资讯,请造访我们的网页 或。

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本新闻稿中的一些声明可能是基于当前可用信息陈述其未来展望。这些声明自然会受到风险和不确定性的影响。诸如一般经济条件的发展、未来市场条件、非同寻常的灾难性损失事件、资本市场的变化和其他情况等因素可能导致实际事件或结果与这些声明所预期的事实或结果有实质性的不同。 Privé对此类声明的准确性、完整性或更新状态不作任何明示或暗示的陈述或保证。因此,在任何情况下,无论如何,Privé及其关联公司对与本新闻稿中的信息和/或陈述相关的任何决定或采取的行动或任何相关损害,将不会对任何人负责






Privé不僅將作為證券公司的股東,更將使用其針對全球財富及資產管並屢獲殊榮的Privé managers 財富管理平台,提供數位基礎平台、人工智慧為基礎的智能理財以及為了提升針對中小型及微型企業和其他零售客戶多元化融資和商務需求的多元語言、多種幣別的跨境資產管理服務及產品。 Privé相信,其先進的智慧型裝置軟體技術將使合資證券公司在中國目前以科技發展競爭為主的環境中具有優勢。


Privé是一家數位金融科技控股公司,總部設立於香港。它專注於為財富和資產管理提供各種金融科技的創新服務。通過其附屬公司,可以根據證券及期貨條例進行第1類(證券交易)受規範之相關商業活動。此外,還為財富和資產管理行業提供了一套模組化的解決方案平台PrivéManagers,包括由人工智慧引擎提供的五個最先進的模組- 財富規劃、風險分析、投資商品搜索器,演算法最佳化以及整合式視覺報告。 Privé透過為金融商品提供者提供多種連接選項,為亞洲和歐洲的財富管理客戶提供服務,包括跨國銀行、保險公司、私人銀行、資產管理公司、家族辦公室和獨立財務顧問。如欲瞭解更多關於我們的資訊,請造訪我們的網頁 或。

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本新聞稿中的一些聲明可能是基於當前可用信息陳述其未來展望。這些聲明自然會受到風險和不確定性的影響。諸如一般經濟條件的發展、未來市場條件、非同尋常的災難性損失事件、資本市場的變化和其他情況等因素可能導致實際事件或結果與這些聲明所預期的事實或結果有實質性的不同。 Privé對此類聲明的準確性、完整性或更新狀態不作任何明示或暗示的陳述或保證。因此,在任何情況下,無論如何,Privé及其關聯公司對與本新聞稿中的信息和/或陳述相關的任何決定或採取的行動或任何相關損害,將不會對任何人負責。


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