Privé and 360F announce global partnership to deliver digitized wealth management journey based on predictive technology

Privé and 360F are proud to announce a partnership to deliver next-generation technology designed to transform the end client journey in wealth advisory. The re-envisioned journey emphasizes a predictive model-based technology to provide an immersive and transparent experience for direct and intermediated distribution, which will eliminate the long-standing struggle by end clients to achieve truly personalized investment portfolios and insurance products.


“This is a highly flexible and modular front-end, designed to fulfil the rigors of professional wealth planning – while aligning with the end clients’ readiness and willingness by offering options,” said Michael Gerber, CEO of 360F. “We strike a good balance – whittling the journey down would short-change the end clients, while complicating it alienates many.”


The front-end interface converges the art and science of human behavior and embeds an algorithmic predictive technology. One key feature is the proprietary 360-Deep-Profile® that generates and interprets the gestalt of the customer. Such data-driven approach not only predicts the customer’s needs and behavior, but also automates actionable personalized insights to tackle root causes, engages the customer intrinsically and materializes opportunities.


The front-end interface will be made available on Privé’s award-winning Privé Managers platform for wealth and asset managers. It marks the commitment of both partners to advance wealth advisory in Asia.


Julian Schillinger, the CTO and co-founder of Privé, noted, “We are extremely delighted to optimize the intrinsic capabilities of our technology platform with 360F and further support our advisors to offer even more personalized digital wealth and asset management services and products. This is an exciting time to see our technology evolve, expand and advance and, hopefully in the near future, be the standard bearer of predictive analytics and technology for digital wealth management.”




Privé Managers is a modular solution for the wealth and asset management industry and comprises more than 11 state-of-the-art modules powered by its bionic advisory engine, which include wealth planning, risk profiling, investment exploration, algorithmic optimization and personal reporting. Privé serves a range of wealth management clients across Asia and Europe, including external asset managers, multi-family offices and banks by offering a wide range of connectivity options to custodial and distribution platforms. To learn more about Privé Managers please visit us on or



Creating value to benefit financial services firms and their end clients in Asia is the core of 360F. Relentless in its drive to advance wealth advisory, 360F re-envisions the customer journey by integrating solutions like no one else and respecting end clients as individuals. Emphasizing finesse and partnering, 360F blazes a trail that others can join - making financial conversations an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle.




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